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About Us

Give your baby the care they deserve with Indigo & Lellow.

Our eco-friendly organic baby clothes are gentle and kind to your baby’s skin.

As a newborn, my son suffered from allergies and sensitive skin from day one. Being a new mum is challenging enough without the added complications of finding clothes he could be comfortable in and products that we could safely use. I tested and trialled everything on the market – a costly and frustrating process. I felt that there had to be a better way to help parents struggling with these issues.

Indigo & Lellow was born out of my own experience with my son, coupled with my lifelong love of retail. Sharing all I have learned and creating the marketplace I wish I’d had is my way of helping parents take extra special care of their sensitive newborns. Baby clothes that don’t itch, all-natural skincare products that don’t make your baby’s skin flare up and advice from a mum who has been through it before? It’s not a lot to ask, and Indigo & Lellow is happy to provide it all. 

Indigo & Lellow aims to lessen the heartache, time and costs involved with having a newborn who suffers from allergies and sensitive skin by providing parents with a single source of information, clothing and skincare for babies who need a little extra care.