Our Story

At Indigo & Lellow we take pride in providing beautiful kids clothing that is gentle on baby’s skin without sacrificing our values on sustainability and respect for our world. Organic, sustainability and reducing waste is very important to us.


Organic Cotton
We use GOTS certified organic cotton in our range where we can as it is kind to sensitive skin. It’s luxurious, super soft and most importantly does not have any toxic chemicals included.



Slow Fashion

We’ve designed our collections to work with each other to try and slow down this fast fashion cycle and stop people thinking of fashion as a perishable item. As well as being practical, our prints are gender neutral so the clothes can be used again and again and passed down.


Small Batch


Each season we manufacture in small batches to ensure that there is less going in our landfill.



Sustainably Made

We’re consciously making decisions on a social and environmental level which all help our products become more sustainable. The changes we are making and will continue to make on a social and environmental level are all helping to make the clothes we make more sustainable in the future.


Give your children and the environment the care they deserve with Indigo & Lellow.